The Magazine Team

Many thanks to all below, and to the many others unnamed, without whom this 2015 collection would have never hit the press.

Front cover artwork by Amber Clarke (y13)

Writers & Journalists—Monday Club

Devan Bovill, Anna Carter, Ashleigh Downs, Sarah Greaves, Nikita Hira Tautuaa, Hollie Kervin, Emma McArley, Sam Robertson, Emma Schrader, Emma Strang, Emily Tusa

Rooms and Subject Writers

Room 1 - Mrs B McLean & class

Room 2 - Mrs J Lorimer & class

Room 3 - Ms E Ratcliffe & class

Room 4- Mrs K Harlick & class

Room 5 - Mrs L Swift & class

Room 6 - Whaea Shirley, Kairine Kabaua (y12) & class,

Room 7 - Mrs R Miller, Marisa Beattie (y10), Courtney Chick(y10) & class,

Room 9 - Miss C-Campbell & class

Room 10 - Mrs R Bills & class,

Room 11 - Mrs K Tait, Sarah Greaves, Anna Carter & class

Room 12 - Mrs J Redmond, Emma McArley & class,

Room 13 - Mrs H Fenton & class,

Room 16 - Mrs M North & class

Year 9 - Mr A Rowe, Elliot Lancaster

Year 10 - Much advice from 10Bat and 10Sco

Mathematics Mr A Batten

Music Mr V. Venimore

Visual Arts Mr C Jordan & Emily Wang

Business Miss S Wootten

English Mrs R Pollock , Mr D Mann & English students

Science Mr D Cameron

Technology Mr J Zwarts, Mrs B Gray, Mr A Cannell, Mrs C O'Keeffe

Layout Assistants, Page Authors and Editors from Digital Tech. Classes

Marisa Beattie, Courtney Chick, Kairine Kabaua, Jesse Te Kani

Editors: Mrs C O'Keeffe, Mrs H Fenton

Proof Readers: OAS Staff, The Magazine Club

Photographers: Jean Smith, Hannah Kemp, Kairine Kabaua,The Magazine Club, and many others

Interactive Version:

Digital Demons (Community Service Group)

Josh Foreman, James Martin, Ethan Batten

Thank You